Gender Discrimination In Gender In Heejin And The Koryo University

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Gender discrimination is also embedded inside self-development myth. Heejin, the Koryo university student is thankful by the fact that she did not enter the women’s university. Although she is a woman, she avoids getting inside the ‘feminized’ space. She discriminates those attending the women’s school (which she succeeds to avoid) by complementing herself who enters more prestigious university. Here, Heejin is recreating and solidifying gender discrimination through neglecting. She regards feminized space as lower social class. She rationalizes her logic using the ranking of universities. The Meongji university student Sori internalizes gender discrimination through her father. Sori’s father would not pass his business on Sori because his business item is not proper for woman to manage.…show more content…
On the one hand, she wants to get married and become a good mother. On the other hand, she wanted to become a successful businessman like her father. Heejin and Sori are both internalizing social discrimination held against women. However, they are accepting gender discrimination in different contexts. Women’s university is inferior because it is ranked lower compare to Heejin’s university. Sori is not able to inherit her father’s work because she is not competitive enough Emphasis on individual ability raises competition among women. Unfriendly employment structure for women still prevails. In South Korea, women should consider taking care of her house chores or raising child when choosing a job. The vacancies for good jobs that guarantee maternity leave are limited. It is simply, not enough. However, self-development discourse forces those women who took less favorable job as losers. Women are taking part of discriminative system not realizing what is really forcing them to compete each

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