Conclusion On Employee Engagement

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Introduction Overview of topic: Employee engagement shows the energy and commitment that employees bring to their jobs and is an important indicator of involvement and dedication to the organization. Engaged employees are content, more productive and most likely to be loyal to the organization. Employee engagement is largely about social connections happening in organizations and aligning work experiences with employee’s cultural needs. An organization that builds a culture that is open, transparent enabling employees to thrive is important for retaining employees. Reducing employee turnover is most important for organizations, to maintain an ideal staff takes many efforts and resources of the organization, and if that is lost, it hampers…show more content…
These include increased employee satisfaction levels in terms of responsibilities allocated being in line with interests and capabilities, work-life balance, compensation, health, career counseling, financial aid, appreciation and acknowledgement of work, healthy criticism, and flexibility in working methodologies still maintaining the standard of the existing processes.( Robertson, Smith and Markwick, 2009). Robinson, Perryman, and Hayday (2004) describe the engagement as a two-way relationship between the employer and the employee. Engagement has been defined as the state of emotional and intellectual involvement that motivates employees to do their best work (Hewitt, 2010). According to him, three points characterize the engagement process; Say, stay and strive. All the parties related to the organization should be talked with positively, be oriented to be a member of the organization and make extra efforts in behaviors in order to contribute to company achievements. Employee Engagement is also influenced by internal communication. It is an organizational practice with the potential to effectively convey the values of the organization to all…show more content…
The service industry would be focused in this study to identify the most important drivers that have an impact on employee engagement which in turn increase retention. This study will be significant because not much work has been done on the impact of employee engagement in Pakistan. It will also identify the most important drivers of employee engagement that would lower the intent of employees leaving an organization. The research would also provide the managers to create a culture within their organizations that leads to highly engaged employees who are willing to go beyond for their organization. Therefore helping the company to gain competitive advantage through retention of talented

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