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This social capital activity is important to me because it is a much needed start to break a bad habit that I did not even realized that I possessed. Which caused me to reflect on my childhood where I picked up the bad habit of gossiping. To avoid gossiping to complete this social activity I kept myself extremely busy with different activities. I never participated in this activity because in the past did not think anything was wrong of what I was doing. I have learned many things from my time not engaging in the latest gossip my life will drastically improve in the future if I continue use activities like these to kick bad habits. When I was younger my best friend at the time loved to gossip and at first it was harmless kind of humorous and then it became hateful. And I questioned her and asked her why do you say such bad things about people and she justified her gossiping and shamefully I indulged in the gossip to fit in because we did not have much in common so that is how we bonded. My mother never engage in those types of conversations with her girlfriends even when I eavesdropped on…show more content…
A new life long chapter has begun where I am not looking to fit and if it means I lose more friends so be it. I am not going to conform myself to a low standard just to fit in. I want to help other people to break the habit of gossiping and to spread more love and stand up for what is right. In conclusion this activity was really difficult for me because instead of judging other people I had to look in the mirror at myself from childhood to find the source of my bad habit. Then I had to take responsibility for my actions and think about how hurtful my word were. Keeping myself busy forced me to be too tired to engage in gossip. I never looked at gossip being bad or ungodly until my husband told me how wrong I was. Learned that I was not truly being myself by trying to fit

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