Wedding Planner Research Paper

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Proposed Idea/Service A wedding planner’s job is to assist couples with the weddings they wish for. This can imply coordinating the entire wedding from start to finish or just the arranging of specific aspects of the day. If an indvidual takes pleasure in meeting people and loves organizing events, this job could be ideal for them; excellent communication skills and the ability to create ideas and themes. One will also need to have good quality problem solving skills and be able to keep calm under pressure. There are no set qualifications to become a wedding planner. This proposed Idea/Service is to register and launch the wedding planner business and be the greatest planner in Tobago. Chantelle’s Wedding Planner is a new and innovative business…show more content…
The business will offer its clients excellent services when coordinating their weddings and the exact environment that provides a customer base that will maintain high levels of businesses in every season. The mission is to provide a good service to enhance a different type of weddings, by providing the highest quality wedding planning and the best services to the wedding planner industry. Small weddings are an opportunity to resolve financial problems with clients who cannot afford large weddings and the business will depend on the strength of the market and reputation. The trend is different and stylish and can fit any one budget. These weddings are fashionable, simple, easy, enjoyable and natural which gives the client relaxation and comfort. Based on my experience with large weddings it is too upsetting, too much people and too…show more content…
These services highlight the beauty of our island because we used the majority of the historical sites, beaches, water-falls and hotel grounds. Another reason is the brides, grooms and their parents can be very emotional during the wedding coordinating process and on the wedding day. As wedding planners, we are most often our clients’ psychologist and mediator. At Chantelle’s Wedding Planner we love to help people, we care about clients and we are an excellent listener. The key features are small romantic weddings and a spectacular honey moon for five days. The prices are cheaper than larger weddings, the ambiance of the wedding, close friends and relatives and the acuteness of the wedding. Clients will recommend Chantelle’s Wedding Planner for the reasons of grand success in the wedding, quick efficient service and pleasant atmosphere. With an immeasurable service quality and the correct environment, we will gain strong loyal customers. This will significantly decrease the customers’ time and efforts preparing for such a significant event as their

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