Effectiveness Of Women Empowerment

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ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES ASSIGNMENT NAME: SHIIMI I.E STUDENT NUMBER:201703327 NAME: KAMANGA K.H STUDENT NUMBER:201702817 LECTUERER: MISS KAROLINE DUPLESSIS GROUP SLOT: D ALLOCATION OF MARKS Contents Introduction 4 Income poverty 4 The effectiveness of involving women in labour 5 The advantage of women handling finances 5 The role of women empowerment in relation to domestic violence 6 Women empowerment leads to freedom of choice and decisions. 6 In conclusion 6 References 8 A discussion on the effectiveness of women empowerment and how it influences economic development in Namibia. Introduction The effectiveness of women empowerment is a topic that has been addressed by many people as something that has influenced economic…show more content…
Domestic violence is defined as an assault, threat or intimidation by a male partner (Abbott & Johnson, 1995). Uneducated women are at a higher risk to domestic violence than educated women because in most cases uneducated women do not know their rights hence, they cannot stand for themselves and are taken advantage of. Domestic violence can be both emotional or physical abuse causing inferiority and low mental and physical standards. Domestic violence can reduce the ability of women working efficiently. Women empowerment strives to ensure equality amongst both genders. Moreover, by equalising genders, women begin to use their skills and talents which in turn plays a role in economic development because a good amount of human capital is available in the market and is being…show more content…
Gender equality allows the freedom of women to fully express themselves which allows the flow of ideas and finally giving way for every citizen to fully express themselves and raise the standards of living of their households and the country. By giving women the freedom to participate in decision making and labour, income poverty is reduced and also allows partners in a home to bring fair shares of income. Furthermore, as the income in the home increases it is easier for the family to acquire goods and services in the market which in turn increases Gross domestic product in the country’s economy and ensures their children get educated hence also contributing greatly to development in the

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