Princess Jasmine Stereotypes

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Eroticized women is another stereotype that was shown quite frequently. Princess Jasmine wears a revealing outfit that resembles a belly dancer’s outfit, even though she is a Princess and she is supposed to be dressing in a more respectful manner, we see the opposite. I mentioned before that the movies were made post Islamic period so in that time Islam gave the women her rights and stopped her from dressing up as a dancer and more as a respectful woman because this is her body and she is no ones property. So this shows the lack commitment the producers had with sticking to the period of time and adding false ideas. There was another scene where Aladdin runs into a room that had girls dressed up in the same attire as Jasmine and they were…show more content…
Due to his ignorance, the Sultan is a easy target to deceive, Jafar manages to trick the Sultan into making him the ruler of Agrabah, and then once he became the ruler, he imprisoned the Sultan and Princess Jasmine. Another indicator of the Sutlan’s ignorance is the fact that we see him playing with toys rather than controlling and running his own land. Also because the Sultan is so short and chubby, he gives the impression that he is a easy target and he proved that. The Sultan is related to Arab stereotypes because people think that Arabs are easy to fool and even though they are of high position and power, it doesn't mean they are smart. The skin tone of the character played a large role in these movies, the villains would have a darker skin tone which was made to resemble Arab’s skin tone, while the good and innocent had a brighter skin tone in order to resemble Americans. An example would be Aladdin and Jafar, we noticed that Aladdin had a much fairer skin tone that Jafar’s dark tone. The character’s accent also helped with differentiating the good and evil characters, giving the good characters an American accent and evil characters a much heavier and exaggerated

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