Of Mice And Men And Night-Time Analysis

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Every person has a purpose in this world, but it is their choice to fulfill and find it at their free will. Of Mice and Men and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time are completely different novels, yet share a common thread. Both novels have a Brother´s keeper, who leads and protects their ¨little brother.¨ The little brother is a person who has not found their way in the world or who is marginalized, just like characters Lennie and Christopher. To be a Brother´s keeper means to look out, teach and protect a person as if they were your blood related sibling. A Brother´s keeper has different duties and responsibilities. When George says to Lennie, ¨hide in the bush till´ I come for you¨ (Steinbeck,15). This is one of the many…show more content…
He was going to extremes for his safety because he was not sure how Christopher would react to his mother´s abandonment. This example reminds me of when my ¨little¨ brother passed away. I was away and when I got back my family broke the news to me. I hurt but I was glad they waited until I was able to handle the news. As seen in both books the Brother's keepers look out for the little brother even if it seems like they are punishing…show more content…
Of Mice and Men is a California based book with a time period in the past, while The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is set in modern day England. When Christopher said, ¨sometimes the children from the school down the street see us and yell special needs! Special needs!¨(Haddon,45). This shows that the racial barrier is starting to be broken, but the marginalization barrier still stands in a modern day society. Just like in real life nothing has changed some people's outlook on the world, but people stand up instead of stay silent. I feel there are many characters I could relate to in these two books but the closest to me is George. He is not the closest because I have an accent, but because of the way he helps Lennie. When George says to Lennie ¨you can't keep a job, and you lose me ever´ job I get,¨(Steinbeck,33). This reminds me that a Brother´s keeper must sometimes lay down the law with an iron fist, but that is just so the little one will learn better. Being sympathetic as I was with Lakai worked better just as Christopher´s dad was with Christopher. Showing right from wrong is the key to helping them

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