Analytical Essay Of Romeo And Juliet

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Analytical Essay Of Romeo And Juliet This essay is about “love.” Many people can display their love in different ways, in different relationships. The play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was written by Williams Shakespeare. It displays the love of two people. Some might argue that Romeo was more in love with the idea of love than what he actually knows about it. Love as "smoke," as "fire," as a "sea," as "madness" This is a quote from Romeo in the book. One would assume at his young age, he read more about love than he actually experienced. Some would argue that the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was not about love and more about infatuation. However, the play is about the different types of love such as romantic love, family love and the young love between Romeo and Rosaline.…show more content…
Their type of love seems like nothing can break them apart. When their families feuded with each other, Romeo and Juliet still love each other and didn’t let their hatred of each other’s family get in the way of what they had. Juliet quoted; “Love gives me strength, and strength shall help afford”. It shows how her love for Romeo provides her strength to continue her relationship with Romeo. Many years ago it was common for arranged marriages but Shakespeare changes this in the play, that’s why Romeo didn’t marry Paris but Juliet. Romeo knew what he felt and believed that his love for Juliet is far greater than the love of Paris. In our days people usually have the right to choose who they wanted to marry. Yet there is still arranged marriages within other cultures but not as commonly practiced as back in the

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