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A.CONTRACEPTIVE PRODUCT HLL Lifecare limited manufactures and markets the widest vary of contraceptives. The vary includes male condoms, feminine condoms. Intra-Uterine Devices, preventative pills - each internal secretion and non- internal secretion, Emergency contraceptive pills and anatomical structure rings MOODS(flagship condom brand of HLL), anatomical structure Rings, CREZENDO (Premium male condoms with a vibratory ring), SAHELI(Saheli is world’s 1st and solely oral non internal secretion contraceptive pill.),NOVEX, DESOGEST,NOGESTOLARPAN, UNIPILL(Prevents unplanned maternity that will occur because of unprotected sex or failure of contraceptives.) T-CARE, Copper-T 380 is associate prophylactic device factory-made during a category…show more content…
Herbs & Berries , the natural merchandise division of HLL offers quality ayurvedic merchandise developed by Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, a veteran establishment within the field of written material with a inheritance of over a hundred years and positive claim of believability. Driven by the whole positioning of ‘Authentic written material for contemporary lifestyles’, H&B merchandise ar developed to deal with the basis causes of the matter instead of providing temporary symptomatic relief. H&B merchandise shall bridge the burgeoning gap within the Ayurvedic unlisted (over-the-counter) phase, that has been witnessing a spurt in demand for ancient medicines. Lactohil - associate ayurvedic agent, additionally is a health tonic for fresh mothers. Another ayurvedic product underneath Herbs and Berries is Chyawanules, chyawanprash in granular type. As a part of its endeavour to supply high-quality and reasonable seasoning merchandise that give customers verity advantages of ayurveda’s holistic goodness Herbs & Berries additionally introduced Joint Care Cream and Ayurvedic Hair Oils together with

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