Essay About Romantic Relationships

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How do teenagers view romantic relationships now that technology has entered the picture? Scope and Limitations of the Study The scope of the research was to determine how teenagers view romantic relationships now that technology is being mostly used in courtship, and is often used in ending the relationship. The relationship status, experiences and age of the participants in this study will not heavily affect the results of the research since the main concept of the researcher is to see the perceptions of teenagers, ranging from 16-22 years old, in a technological world. The limitations of this research are college students – both undergraduate and graduate students. The participants should be nonbiased and expressive of their answers in the survey. Due to the lack of time, lack of sources and some undependable respondents, the researcher decided to do online surveys to get quick and reliable…show more content…
Relationships should be based on effort and face-to-face interaction. To make a good relationship work, patience should take a big part; nothing should be rushed. To build a true and strong relationship, friendship should first take place. Friendship where two persons get to know each other, enjoy each others company, and learn each others strength and weaknesses. When friendship elevates to affection, courtship will by then be present. Traditional courtship is also another way to make a relationship stronger. It is where the person tries to win the affection of the beloved, and at the same time the beloved reciprocating the love as well. According to Dr. Toralba, romantic relationships are being mistaken as love in young relationships. In addition to that, exclusive relationships among teenagers are mostly for satisfying their romantic fantasies or infatuation (Philosophy of the
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