Environmental Public Health Case Study

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Module 4 – Case: Environmental Public Health Name University Module 4 – Case: Environmental Public Health The given paper will answer the following questions as per given requirements. State the name of your community. At what time in your life did you live in this community? The name of the community is – Guam, USA I have lived in this community since I was born and till the year 1997, when I joined military. Identify a specific environmental public health issue in the community A specific environmental public health issue in the community is cancer and diabetes. The rate of cancer has always been high and is gradually increasing since past few decades in the community. Explain briefly why rates of disease or illness might be…show more content…
There are several researches that show that due to pollution and other environmental issues the statistics of cancer has gone up. The latest research shows that 1 in 2 males are having chances of developing cancer for a lifetime and the statistics in female shows that 1 in 3 women are having chances to develop cancer. The incidence of the cancer in the community rose by 22% (Eisenbud, 1953). This is the major reason to support the argument that rates of diseases and illness are increasing in the community as compared to past years (Ali et. al, 2007). There are other shocking facts with respect to this and they are sure to prove that the rates of illness and diseases are increasing. Mortality rates on Guam males got doubled that is 100% and mortality rates in females got increased by 73% (label, 2003). Due to the increase in environmental health issues on Guam illness, the rate is…show more content…
Please write 2–3 paragraphs about this, and be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion. The rates of illness or diseases have been tracked by the community in Guam and there are several facts and figures with respect to this. There is a record that the percent of deaths due to cancer and the age of the deceased (Hamilton, 2001). It depicts that maximum deaths happened in the age 75-84 years due to cancer (See figure 1). Keeping track to diseases is very important because they help in knowing whether there is a decline or an increase in the rates (Harley, 1959). Due to this track record, it has been known that instances of cancer are increasing in Guam, whereas in the rest of US it is decreasing. There is a track record from the year 1999 to 2008 and that has several states in it. It shows that the incidents per 1, 00,000 has decreased in almost all the states (See figure 2). Thus, these track records help in making strategies for future to fight with such

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