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ABSTRACT: Aeromicrobiology is the area of biological sciences that describes the activities of aerial microorganisms. Basically troposphere is the closest aerial zone of earth that exhibit the overload of microorganisms. After suspending in the air the microorganisms can travel throughout a long distance and can create several diseases not only in human beings but also in other living organisms also .This review article covers the effect of bioaerosols on producing diseases in living organisms. INTRODUCTION: Aeromicrobiology is that zone of biological science which describes the study of air living microorganisms. These aerial microorganisms are called bioaerosols [1]. These bioaerosols have tremendous capacity to create diseases not only in human beings but also in several other living organisms. Basically the troposphere which is the most nearest aerial layer of earth exhibit the overload of microorganisms. These aerial…show more content…
Infectious dust, droplets, industrial aerial emissions are the major sources of microbes in air today. Actually big sized aerial droplets get dry on air surfaces. The nasal and throat discharges from a patient can be the major source of infectious dust and it is seen that after getting dried these discharges along with several microorganisms freely float in the air. Besides this there is also the presence of droplets in air . The vital sources of droplets are sneezing, coughing and talking of patients. The oral discharges along with mucus of those patients can bear lots of severe infectious microorganisms which readily spread in the air and play a vital role in the disease development. The industrial aerial emissions are full of toxic gases and these gaseous particles are also a major source of infectious microorganisms in

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