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Regional parties start in one state with an agenda that fits the dominant culture of that state. Different regional parties have been popping up for various reasons, some even prior to India’s independence. Over the last two decades, rise of regional parties has influenced state and national politics as more and more regional parties have been eating away the vote share of the national parties. The first time that regional parties shared power at the national level was in 1977 when the Akali Dal and DMK were partners in the Janata Government. The increasing non-popularity of Congress also brought many regional parties together in the regional front formed in 1988. For Example: TDP, DMK, AGP. However since 1996, regional parties have become indispensable in the formation of government at the national level. There are several factors that have led to the rise of regional parties - 1)…show more content…
Leaders of regional parties hold national parties hostage by threatening to topple the governments if their demands are not met, which is one of the main factors for resilience of regional parties in national politics. -Decline of Congress and incapability of the Janata Party is responsible for ushering in the coalition era and ensuring that no single party could win a majority on its own. This brought regional parties in an advantageous situation. As ideological considerations play an important role, regional parties have successfully exploited the state of affairs in India. -As regional parties have shown themselves more responsive to case and regional aspirations, they have been able to take over the vote share of the national parties to a certain extent. Regional parties have found it necessary to capture power at the centre to cater to regional aspirations as in the Indian federation, the centre lies as the more powerful

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