Australian Federalism: Effective In The 21st Century

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Essay topics: Australian federalism needs major reforms to be effective in the 21st century. Critically discuss this statement with reference to the Australian Constitution and inter-governmental relations. There are many issues to discuss about the Australia federalism but the essay would only cover some significant issues. Firstly, in the essay Federalism needs to be defined and additionally the essay will be argued that federalism has been successful so far and can still be an effective way of governing Australia but there are some problems and challenges that need to be addressed. Eventually the essay would some suggested options for reform will be discussed and highlighted. Federalism is a form of government system which is used in some significant countries such as the Federal Republic of Germany, the Russian Federations and the United States. Federalism is a political system in which there is a sharing of power between national and regional governments. Federalism is a political system of government which…show more content…
So the senators, six from each States and two from each Territory, were elected to represent their own home state for six year terms, with half to be elected every three years. The Senators intention was to focuses on their role as representatives of the State and to develop their understanding of important matters relating to their state. Nevertheless, the current function of the Senate has moved away from the original intended role since the central role of the Australian political system is now dominated by political parties. This refers to ‘the primary loyalty of individual Senators is now generally to the political party on which their pre-selection depends, rather than to their home

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