Essay On Reading Habits

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Abstract: This study investigates the reading habits and use internet among teenagers in Trichy city. The researcher has selected stratified random sampling, since it provides a more representative cross-section of the population and is frequently regarded as the most efficient system of sampling. This study is conducted in five different age groups namely 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 in Trichy city. 250 questionnaires have been distributed to the teenage readers in Trichy city. Of this 230 filled questionnaire received back within stipulated time, thus the percentage of respondents was 92. There is need to continually educate students on the proper balance that they should maintain between utilitarian and other purposes of reading and between reading and internet use activities for academic related purpose. The problem of inadequate computing and internet access facilities in school campuses should also be tackled so as to facilitate effective reading and internet use among students. Keywords: Reading habits, Internet use, Teenagers,…show more content…
An assessment of the “total personality” schemes made by the State Institute of Education through a sample intensive study of select schools in Madras during last year shows that the response from the teaching staff was not encouraging. Maintenance of more records and a continuous observation of the progress of the pupils under their care need extra work which the teachers, according to the study, were not willing to take up. Young people who enter school with considerably differed cultural, linguistic and economic background are to be initiated into the extra “reading habit”. A better understanding of the background of each student and of his emotional and intellectual development is necessary. This leads to other important aspects of providing a variety of reading material designed to appeal to children of different abilities and
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