The Four Components Of A Refrigeration System

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The Four Major Components of a Refrigeration System In todays world we as people on planet earth could not thrive without the use of refrigeration systems. There are four major components that refrigeration systems need in order to do its job. Here are some descriptions of those components and how they function. First we start out with the compressor. The compressors job in a refrigeration system is to change the state of a refrigerant from a low pressure vapor into a high pressure vapor. This change in state causes the refrigerant to flow throughout the system. The compressor uses a pumping action that pulls the refrigerant from one side of the system and pushes it out the the other. The compressor generates heat during this…show more content…
The compressor can only operate with refrigerant that is in vapor form. Liquid refrigerants and non condensible substances cannot be compressed and therefore will damage the compressors internal parts. It is very important that the proper amount of refrigerant charge is in the system and that all of the components are working properly to avoid any liquid refrigerant from entering the…show more content…
The job of the expansion device is to change the state of the now supercooled high pressure refrigerant into a low pressure, partial vapor partial liquid refrigerant. This change of state is causes by the refrigerant being allowed to flow through orfacis who’s diameter is much smaller than the liquid line. This also causes the temperature of the refrigerant to drop to a level that corresponds to the pressure of its current state. The refrigerant line that proceeds the orifice diameter is larger than the orifice so the refrigerant that flows through expands to the space of the line. The refrigerant when passing into the line expands to the space allowing the vapor that is being boiled off to cool some of the liquid refrigerant. Depending on the amount of refrigerant that flows though the metering device at any time determines the capacity of the system. Four pounds per minute will give off 12,000 BTU’s per hour which will be one ton. Six pounds per hour would be 18,000 BTU’s per hour would be a one and a half ton unit and so on. There are several different types of expansion valves. There are internal expansion valves and external ones. There are some that control the amount of refrigerant flow based on different operation conditions. This can improve efficiency of the system and also protect the compressor for liquid refrigerant. Some symptoms of a bad expansion valve would be frozen coils, odd noises such as

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