Kids Should Be Encouraged To Play Video Games Essay

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Kids should be encouraged to play video games at a young age. Well, this simple statement has been puzzled time and time again because people don’t understand video games and their benefits. Video games whether people admit it or not, play a role in a huge amount of lives. These games could be crossword puzzles online, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty. Video games in general are made for you to learn and take away its experience. For example, educational games help you learn certain skills like memory games. Strategy games help you think strategically and games that teens play a lot like Call of Duty are there to have fun whether if it includes violence. New games like VRchat is a place people can express themselves through their characters…show more content…
The stereotype associated with video games is that it creates antisocial kids who would rather spend their time in front of a screen then playing with friends. This however, is not the case. Video games today are used to socialize with friends and strangers. Video games that connect the to the internet gives you access to people from all around the world and you can talk to them. So now it is a myth to say that playing video games is anti-social. Also, video games can be used as an outlet for self-control. This improves social skills because video games can help relieve stress instead of having to bottle it up. Video games do have some stress inducing factors, but this helps in real life because it teaches you how to manage it. But for the most part, video games can relieve stress and make you a calmer person. Video games are also helpful in encouraging teamwork. Many video games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and others are team based. These types of games teach people how to cooperate and this can translate into school or the workplace. If you don’t cooperate in these types of games, you will lose. These skills learned from video games are proven to be useful in the real world and improve social

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