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Memory is necessary when I was studying for an exam, I just had to repeat it to remember it later for, just like that when students remember one topic that her teacher explained above mentioned, so I could easily remember what the teacher had told me before. Being a perfectionist could be in both, it is a skill but conversely, it could be a weakness because in a task I can take a long time verifying that it is properly, but I deliver a very good task to the teacher. Reading comprehension helps me a lot when the teacher asks me to read a lot of things, primarily because sometimes it does not really if there is a lot of time to read the reading file, then you can quickly understand the main ideas, and you could save time from that way, then it was easier for me during school. The skill that I like most is I can organize me, for example, when at school I had a lot of homework, I was able to…show more content…
(pag.162). If I had a student like me, the first thing that I would motivate him to participate in my classes, but if that does not work, since the child is shy, I would use the communicative method, which is more common so that the children are more cooperative with the teacher, so the student receive what he learned better. I could be a good teacher, consequently over time it will take me to improve, with the feedback I will get, for that reason I would dedicate more time to prepare a class so that my students can learn a good content, and about the balance that it involves teaching different ages of students and how I will teach them, with what I learned about my previous teachers, I can do

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