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Food has been around since the beginning of time. There are different types of food that correspond with different cultures and there are different ways to make similar foods depending on who makes it. In this essay I will be focusing on Hispanic food and Asian food. The reason as to why I picked these two is because I have many experiences with both of these and they both have many similarities and differences. Hispanic rice is traditionally orange, it has a nice flavor of different spices and is usually served at every meal in Mexican homes all over the world. This rice is made in a pot where you let rice sit in water with spices until it absorbs all of the water and becomes the delicious color of orange. As for in Asian rice, theirs is traditionally white, it's called sticky rice. They also serve it with most of their meals in Asian households everywhere. This rice is made differently, it is put on top on the pot of water in a tub like container to absorb the steam that comes from when the water in the pot boils after it was sitting in water like how the Hispanic rice was made but without the spices. The way they each make rice is a great example to how foods being alike such as in the rice are prepared differently, like in adding spices or letting it observe the steam after soaking in the water.…show more content…
The way they are made is with a warm homemade tortilla, topped with carne Asada, guacamole, cilantro, salsa verde or rojo, onions and of course lemon. Delicious right? What Asian food is mostly known for is their sushi, sushi is made by using a nori sheet, filling it with rice, raw fish, some cream in the middle and the whole thing toped off with wasabi dip on the side if you like it a little spice. These two well-known cultural foods are different in size, taste, ingredients, cooking techniques (ex: sushi is raw, carne asada is cooked) and basically everything because they are two unique

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