Ethics And Greed In Oz The Great And Powerful

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Free will is the power to act without the constraint of necessity or fate. This means we can act on our own wants and needs without the influence of anyone’s opinion. In contrast, human responsibility is the universal accountability of human beings, regardless of age, nationality, religion or sex. We are responsible for the way we present ourselves in society and for the respect we show to each other and ourselves. The ethics of right and wrong play an important role in determining our personal ideals and in deciding what we believe is and is not acceptable. Ethics vary from person to person and are influenced by sex, age, religion, and the views of those who raise them. As humans, we have a responsibility to be respectful, considerate and…show more content…
This is similar to the bible story of the greedy farm hands in Matthew 21:33-46. In this parable, the farm hands kill the servants of a wealthy farmer so that they will receive the profits for themselves. These stories both share a theme of greed and a warning of how it leads to sin and evil. In both stories, the evil deed had severe consequences. The comparison continues, when Oz discovers a winged monkey named Finley and saves him from being eaten by a lion, in return Finley dedicates his service as a show of gratitude. The relationship between Finley and the wizard is similar to Jesus’ relationship with his disciples. Jesus saved his disciples by showing them the way of the Lord and in return they devoted their lives to His service and way of life (Matthew 14:22-33). However, Jesus did not take advantage of his disciples in the way that Oz deceived his followers. In another similarity, Oz fixes the China dolls leg with his ‘magic’ glue and cures the crippled just as Jesus heals the crippled, blind and deaf many times throughout the bible. (Luke 18:35, Mark

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