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On the other hand, Egyptians had Apophis “the serpent of darkness”. Apophis was a reptile living in the water. This God was the most dominant of all the evil Gods and demons, which was symbolized as a serpent. It was the extreme opponent of the God Re. Greek culture is not an exception of the serpent symbolism. The serpent was a symbol used, for example the one and only caduceus of Asklepios, who was the god of healing and medicine. Asclepius became extremely popular and various temples were created in all Greece. A vast number of people spent nights in distinct rooms and then the healing doctor through dreams will indicate a treatment that the temple priest could do. Because of the rise of the dead Zeus decided to end Asklepios life. Zeus was worries that the resurrection of mortals would create chaos, mortals were going to be immortals. After it Asclepius risen to heaven and was converted the constellation of the Snake. (Skinner). In Greece the snake was considered as animal soul. It was close relate it to fertility, survival and heroes. Likewise, serpents represent a portrait, a medium through which the “holy metaphysical reality and the ultimate truth is expressed in the Greek imagination” (Amrani). Another example of serpent’s symbolism can be found in the battle among Zeus and the snake Python. In the Greek mythology there is…show more content…
As explained before from the Greece civilization the god Asklepios, the god of health and its symbol is still used. The symbol of medicine is a fundamental element of knowledge for health professionals; but many are unaware of their meaning or not properly identified. (Amrani). This symbol represents the medical profession as disinterested relationship with patients. Its elements are: a thin rod with a knot at the top, surmounted by a mirror; a coiled snake on the pole, whose head is facing left front of the mirror; It is also adorned with a laurel branch on the left and right

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