Persuasive Essay On Clean Water

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In recent discussions in the state of Maryland, a controversial issue has been 1.36 million pounds of chemicals has been dumped into Maryland’s waterways. Maryland’s waterways are a polluter’s haven. Polluters dump pounds of toxic chemicals into Maryland’s lakes, rivers and streams every year. We must turn the tide of toxic pollution by restoring the Clean Water Act protections to our waterways. The Clean Water Act’s original objective was to clean up all of America’s waterways by 1985— 33 years ago. Many people born in 1985 have kids of their own, yet millions of pounds of toxic chemicals are being dumped into the waterways. Major findings of the report include, Industrial facilities discharged approximately 922,688 pounds of chemicals linked to cancer into the Curtis Creek in Maryland. The Gunpowder-Patapsco Watershed is ranked 43rd in the nation for highest amount of total toxic discharges, with 1,339,183 pounds discharged in 2010. To control the toxic pollution threatening waterways like the Chesapeake Bay, the Colorado River and Puget Sound, I think the state of Maryland should have their Industrial facilities decrease their toxic…show more content…
Contact with these chemicals can cause severe burns on the eyes and skin and can damage the throat and esophagus if ingested. The chlorine and ammonia contained in some can each cause similar problems, and the hazardous gases unleashed when they combine can be lethal. Meanwhile, the fragrances added to many cleaning products can cause respiratory irritation, headaches and other symptoms in those with chemical sensitivities, allergies or asthma. And since fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets, manufacturers aren’t required to disclose constituent ingredients, leaving even educated consumers in the dark regarding what kind of nasty chemicals they may be spreading around water

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