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I will start my empirical note by first explaining both terms poverty and inequality. Poverty: People are living in poverty if their income and resources (material, cultural and social) are so inadequate as to preclude them from having a standard of living which is regarded as acceptable by a society generally. As a result of inadequate income and other resources people may be excluded and marginalised from participating in activities which are considered the norm for other people in society." Inequality: “the unfair situation in society when some people have more opportunities, money, etc. than other people” On the 1st of January 2007 the European Union contained 27 countries. United Kingdom, France, Germany are four countries among the…show more content…
In 2005 the average percentage for the EU 27 was 17%. In 2009 the average percentage for poverty was 16.3%. This is a decline in .7%. This shows that Europe was yet to feel the results off the great recession and is still post Celtic tiger times. We can see the highest percentage in 2005 being Poland at 20.5% and in 2009 highest being Latvia at 25.7%. This is a big difference but as it is single countries can’t be taken as a general conclusion for all off the European Union. In conclusion from my graph in 2005 poverty levels were lower than in 2009. There is a clear indication off the poverty levels increasing due to the economic downturn but the full effect of the great recession is to be seen in the following…show more content…
Before the crisis in 2005 the poverty levels were low at 15-16%. In 2009 the full affect of the 2007 crisis had not been shown in the data yet. The great recession took until mid 2010’s to really take effect. In 2014 we can see the average being 25%. This shows that there was an increase in poverty levels following the great recession. The range before the 2007 crisis was 8-21% and just after the crisis 8-27%. This shows a slight increase in percentile range. It is not until 2014 when the percentage range is 10-42% that we see the recession impacts take full

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