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5. Crisis in Identity vs Crisis in Role Confusion Being in the fifth stage which are called the adolescence, can be very demanding and depressing for adolescents to find out their true identity and personality. Depressed or stress can cause teens to have memory problems, problems to concentrate, only seeing the negative ones, often worrying about themselves or other people. It can also affect their physical body such as having diarrhea or constipation, chest pain, nausea, dizziness or even less interest in sex. Other than that, it can also affect the individuals behaviour such as eating less or more, sleeping too much or too little, starts to remove themselves from others, delayed or abandoned responsibilities. And when stress occurs,…show more content…
Certain teenagers would feel left out or anxiety while dealing the stage of adolescence. For instance, they overthink about the little things, overthink about what others or society think of them. However, their personality when they were a teenager is not the real personality, basically, teenagers try out everything to explore out their true personality. Some of them will make the elder person such as parents, teachers or favourite celebrities as their role model and want to be like them too. According to Erikson’s concept, crisis happens when a person is developing and growing human, basically studying to be a human. There are 8 stages of human development and each one of these impact the growth of ego. Crisis is not always negative, it can be positive in increasing to a better quality of life. Adolescence development is on the fifth stage. This is where the crisis in disagreement between identity and role confusion occurs. Teenagers will not be childish anymore but not too matured either. Its like being in the middle of a child and an adult. They will start feeling mood swings, puberty, fast body growth and thinking of their role in the society, finding their true self and…show more content…
Research appears to carry this statement by designed that the most considerable approach in identity development occur during the college years. Why? Because mostly, adolescent are anticipated during college as students to make crucial resolution to their future life sections including jobs, friendship, romantic relationships, and religious or political viewpoint. The colleges or Universities’ environments provide a variety of experiences that can both activate factors of identity difficulties. Moreover, teenagers not to simply learn “who they are,” they must at the same time learn to define and design themselves. Basically, creating identities are tried out just like new suits of clothes. Sometimes, parents can rightly guess that the final is a probable nightmare. But parents’ perception towards their child are sometimes misreport too. Because certain parents took “rebellious” the wrong way just because their child dresses up like “Metallic” or “Gothic” with piercings and tattoos that are actually not everlasting. Certain parents think this is a bad thing to do while actually the child are doing this just for observing of how they really want to look like. But there are times when the intelligent parents must put his/her foot down and assume a more dominance role. For example, when parents sense the danger in child’s activities, parents should instruct

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