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Recrystallization is one of the most well-known and commonly used methods when trying to purify solids. Recrystallization is the process that involves dissolving the solids in an appropriate solvent at elevated/heated temperature and allowing the crystals to re-form once the solution is cooled. This process removes any impurities that may be in the solution. At first, the process of recrystallization may seem intimidating and difficult to understand at first, but in reality it is easier to understand once the process goes along. In essence, this means that a common understanding of which solvent to use and determining which solvent to use plays a vital role. In addition, individuals should know that a majority of solids are more soluble in hot solutions in comparison to those solids in cold solutions. A model solvent, for instance, would be insoluble at cold temperatures whereas extremely soluble at hot…show more content…
More of the solvent is added to the flask until the solid is completely dissolved. After this step, either two possibilities occurs afterwards. If the solution was colored the same as the desired compound, proceed with cooling the mixture. If this was not the case and the solution was a different color, proceed with the decoloration process. Add a small amount of decolorizing carbon to the mixture. After, heat the mixture again until it begins to boil. Hot filtration occurs afterwards. Hot filtration is a gravity filtration of a hot solution adding for the removal of only insoluble impurities from the mixture. In the hot mixture, the desired solid is still dissolved in the solution. When the mixture is sent through the funnel, only insoluble impurities would be filtered out. Once hot filtration is done, the flask is set to cool. When the flask is cooled to room temperature or cool enough to touch, it is then placed in an ice-water bath where crystallization can be seen

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