Causes Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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Women want to look like Barbie . Men want to look like Ken . This continuous race for beauty and eternal youth never ends , and with the medical’s inventions and innovations everything is possible today . Thanks to cosmetic plastic surgery , you can become the person you ever wanted to be . If you are bothered by a too big chest, a small chest , or a drooping one , you can resort to a breast surgery operation . Whether hunchback , too long or too wide a nose operation changes the shape or size of the nose to give it a smooth appearance with the face. And many other surgeries like lip enhancement , liposuction are available and accessible like never before . In other words , plastic surgery is designed to repair or rebuild , give a different form, in order to improve., a part of the human body . Plastic surgery is being transformed into a true addiction. We recently witnessed an unprecedented fascination of using plastic surgery as a means to meet the criteria of beauty that are socialized and increasingly spreading over all the surrounding walls, rooms , streets … Therefore , what are the causes of…show more content…
Indeed , according to the article “I want to look like that !”, the social pressure and the image that the medias sell to the society are another cause for plastic surgery addiction (Elliott, Anthony 464). Peers are easily manipulated by the strings of the society and influenced by it . Nowadays the stars and the big personalities are often imitated . People tend this way to refer to plastic surgery to look like a specific star , or to have for instance Nikki Minaj’s ass, or Angelina Jolie’s lips . The media encourage this plastic surgery rise : we often read articles , or hear on the radio about an actor’s new plastic surgery or a TV program that hosts a woman that had achieved 20 to 30 plastic surgery just like the living doll : Valeria

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