Quantitative Research Methods

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Nowadays people often do research for several different purposes. Research can be carried out in different methods such as qualitative and quantitative research. Research is the systematic investigation into existing or new knowledge. It is used to establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work, solve new or existing problems and support theorems. Qualitative research is the collection of data from smaller group of people rather than a large sample of population as the information are more reliable and concise coming from a small group of people. Quantitative research is the gathering and analysis of numerical data that involves large sample of population. To begin with, the purpose of qualitative research is…show more content…
Quantitative research is usually done when the researcher wants to gather information using numerical data. Quantitative research is carried out to test observations by statistical methods. In addition, the aim of the research can’t be changed while doing the research, so it’s less flexible than qualitative research. Measurements are involved and must be taken while doing the research to be used for testing observations. Also, the instruments that will be tested and used for observations are usually prepared before the study of the research is carried out. Quantitative research can be descriptive which means that it authorises relationship between variables. Moreover, quantitative research uses tools such as closed-ended questions and questionnaires as a method of collecting data. Questionnaires are distributed in large amount to large sample of population in order for them to answer…show more content…
The purpose of this research is to find out how certain diseases are being spread via intravenous drug users. The article needs to address intravenous drug users, and their experiences with how they prepare, use or share their drugs. To gather this information, the tools used were: 12 focus group discussions with 100 people who inject drugs were recruited through the needle and syringe program. Topics discussed with each individual included: specific drugs injected, drug prices and purity, access to sterile equipment, safe injection practices and types of syringes and needles used. Qualitative analysis was the best means of finding this information out as it addresses the individual’s preference of intravenous drug practice. Quantitative analysis would not be suitable given that the individuals perspective cannot be addressed thoroughly in the form of data collection. By interviewing each individual, the study is able to obtain more concise information regarding the topic, which is why qualitative research was the best method in carrying out this

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