Stereotypes In Australian Movies

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Analysing Iconic Australian Films; How do Movies Create Stereotypes? Hello fellow blog readers! Have you ever thought about how movies create stereotypes? Viewing Australian films can definitely create positive stereotypes about how we typically behave. Whenever I used to watch Australian films, I had never thought about the hidden meanings and stereotypes that would impact on how viewers would perceive Australians. I would just focus on the entertaining and humorous aspects of them. Don’t you ever have this feeling where you get so absorbed into an Aussie movie you just focus on the storyline and the plot? Well, that happens to me every time I watch Australian films. This term, our class has analysed two popular Australian films; The Castle…show more content…
During the beginning of the film when Willie’s mum, Theresa, is talking to Willie about his desire to become a priest in the future, she becomes emotional and displays affection by hugging her son. This is because she wants him to be successful for her future as she cares for her son. The calm background music in pair with a moving image screen gives displays this as an emotional moment, suggesting a turning point for his career. In my opinion, this scene provides an accurate demonstration of Australians displaying affection. An iconic part of the Western culture we Australians demonstrate is displaying affection towards our relatives. Bran Nue Dae shows how family and comedy can be interconnected in a…show more content…
In The Castle, the Kerrigan family is introduced is the beginning. Whilst in Bran Nue Dae, family relationships are introduced close to the end of the film. We probably don’t feel comfortable with Willie’s mum portraying Australians with multiple relationships, but we feel surprised and the scene fades aways Australians also tend to choose enjoyment over success. We see Willie’s mum’s determination and hard work for him to succeed his goals, although all that is left, we accept each other at the end. In The Castle, Darryl also feels proud for Tracy being accepted at Sunshine Tafe Hairdressing. Although this may not be a highly respected job, Darryl certainly does! This concludes to the fact for most people, whether we succeed or not, our family is still proud of

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