Thesis About Transactional Sex

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background Transactional sexual relationships can be defined as a relationships where both men and women reach a point whereby they willingly engage in sexual relations purely for the sake of material and/or financial gain. It is has distinctive characteristics from the age old profession of prostitution in a sense that the exchange for sexual intercourse is usually not predetermined but there is an initial aim and purpose for material and/or either financial gain. (Hunter 2000:99) Therefore this essay aims to cover the reasons why the idea of transactional sex has become the norm for adolescent girls and younger women (why is transactional sex being much idolised especially amongst adolescent and young women in our societies),…show more content…
1.3 Hypothesis The liberation movements by women in South Africa and across the world, such as women's march to the Union Building in 1956 for example and the countless others which came before and after it where all aimed at granting women their rights and liberating them form oppressive systems such as the age old system of patriarchy. Transactional sex undermines all the hardship women in the past had to go through to dismantle such oppressive structures, liberate women and ensuring that they are granted the same opportunities as men in all aspects of life. 2. Body 2.1 Why has transactional sex between older men and young women become the norm in our…show more content…
As a result this system made it impossible for women to venture out into careers of their own choice, they were mostly required to either get married, bare children and stay at home to help raise the family or receive nurturing jobs such as being an elementary school teacher, a caretaker, a nurse etc. This system proved to be very detrimental to women especially in terms of employment, education and the consideration of their distinctive rights as a gender

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