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Patient monitoring is the repeated and continuous observations or measurements of the patient's physiological function and the function of life support equipment for the purpose of guiding management decisions, including when to make therapeutic interventions, and assessment of those interventions. Multimodal monitor that simultaneously measure and show the significant fundamental parameters that are commonly integrated into the bedside monitors in intensive care units. This allow for the continuous monitoring of a patient, with medical staff being continuously informed of the changes in general condition of a patient. outline of portable low cost systems for remote checking of patients with chronic diseases is one of the most critical fields in telemedicine and telecare. These systems…show more content…
Risk factors for these diseases include: smoking, being overweight, little exercise, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure/hypertension and ineffectively controlled diabetes. Cardiovascular ailments frequently have no symptoms or may cause chest pain or shortness of breath. Diagnosis of heart disease is often done by listening to heart-sounds with stethoscope,ECG and PPG Electrocardiography is utilized to measure the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes and the more the number of electrodes we use, greater will be the accuracy. These electrodes distinguish small electrical changes on the skin that emerge from the electrophysiologic pattern of depolarizing and repolarizing of the heart muscles amid every heartbeat. In a 12 lead ECG system, the electrodes are set on the limbs and the chest of the patient and the general potential is measured in 12 different angles. The main objective of performing electrocardiography is to acquire data about the structure and function of the

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