The Things I Want In My Life Essay

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People in the history of the world have all had something that they have wanted most in their life. That “thing” can be anything from visiting a place, going to a university or just having a family. Some of the sources that I have found that also show that desire in their life or in their world are Anthem by Ayn Rand, The “Emancipation Proclamation” by Abraham Lincoln, Prometheus from Greek mythology, a socratic seminar, the critical thinking video by Leo. The one thing that I want most in my life is having a family and being able to take care of them. This is something that i have wanted for most of my life and it will probably never change. The first source of text that shows something being wanted by person is Anthem. This can be seen…show more content…
The thing that they wish is for all people to no matter what the color of their skin to be free just like everyone else. One thing that is said by Abraham Lincoln is, “.....I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated states, and parts of states, are, and hence word shall be free…..This states that the President is looking for change and is something that truly wants by putting all his resources into making it happen for all…show more content…
Most of the students had all different goals in their own lifes. Some talked about wanting to be successful, having a family and being able to take care of them and also little things like just graduating from high school. For every person, their wantings all vary and something that i might want isn’t something that the person next to me also wants. I connected with a lot of my peers during this socratic seminar. One said that they wanted a good job that can feed her and her family. This is something I also have wanted a lot and it’s great that my peers and I share these things in

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