College Experience In 'Black, Stupid Rich Bastards'

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After reading Black, Stupid Rich Bastards I can connect most of her college experiences to mine. In the reading, she talks about coming from a poor background and wanting to go to college. When she was attending college, she was in her Government class and everyone in her class is talking about all the places they traveled too and she just sat in her seat in silent, because she’s never did any traveling like her other classmates have done. When I read that paragraph, I related to her, but in a different way. I did not come from a poor family like she did, but when I started college here at Radford, it was completely different from being back home. My classes were completely differently from my classes in High School. When I was sitting in my classes in High School, hardly nobody spoke in class and if you…show more content…
I had to realize that maybe other people did just as worse than me on an assignment. I start to think that other people probably have more experience in the subject than I do or even people had to get perfect grades to get into certain programs in college. Everyone in college comes from different backgrounds, experiences and struggles. I was not raised in poverty, I didn’t wear the clothing she did when she was growing up and worried about her clothing in college. I didn’t care about what I wore in college, because from being in college, people come to class in their pajamas looking like they just rolled out of bed five minutes ago. I’ve also learned in college, that many people are only getting by, because they received a loan from the bank and any loans and after four years in college, they would only receive a bachelor's degree and owe over $20,000. Every student in college goes through some sort of struggle in the four years there in college, but we have to remember, that some people go through worse and they may not come from the same background as

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