Why Did Castro's Appeal To The Cuban People

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Another essential element to Castro’s appeal to the people was his charisma and compelling personality; he personified the hope and aspirations of the Cubans. He transmitted an image of extreme passion and dedication to his cause, arousing trust and support from the people, thereby assisting his rise to power. Castro gave Cuban people a sense of security and genuineness; that he really was trying his best to help them – that he wasn’t a selfish dictator like Batista, in their eyes, he was helpful and real. He gave the impression that he understood the plight of the poor and was really trying to make a difference in their lives. Many Cubans felt an innate connection with him, and like actress Teresa Casuso, spoke highly of him . She, like many…show more content…
By mollifying the worries of the Cuban people, Castro demonstrated his support for the Cuban people. After that stressful breach in national security by the US, the Cuban needed their leader, and someone to guide them out of their panic. By proving he was there for them amidst those stressful times, Castro demonstrated his reliability and unwavering, omnipresent support for the people. Western historians always note the impact ‘fireside chats’ had on the cultivation of the relationship between Franklin D. Roosevelt and the American population during the domestic struggles of the Great Depression – to assure them and to give support in the midst of hard times. This was also the case for Castro in Cuba. He was always sure to establish a media presence and a connection with the people; that he was everywhere – at home and at work – that he would never abandon them. He appeared on television and radio stations regularly, wanting to establish a “dialogue with the people” . This approach to communication provided a constant strengthening of relations between Castro and his followers, as well as an avenue for the acquirement of new

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