A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Christian Mingle Commercials

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It may seem as if being in a relationship or dating is more common in today’ssociety, but for some people it can be more difficult than others. That’s when peoplestart to look at other options such as online dating or also known as e dating. Onlinedating can be an advantage for people who don’t like to go out on dates. Some peoplewould rather get to know the person before going out on a blind date and the person iseverything you want them not to be. Christians Mingle is an online dating site that aimsto bring people together based on their religion and having the same things in common.The Christian Mingle commercial is presented towards the people who are searching fora potential partner. Also the Christian Mingle commercial uses the rhetorical modes ofdescription and…show more content…
Christianity is the world’s largest religion whereeveryone believes in the savior of humanity known as God. The goal is to hopefully find Lumpkins 2more people who have similar interest through their faith and values. Since it is religiousbased more people are persuaded that it is most likely to work out because they believeso strongly in their religion. The slogan “The Power of Two United in faith and purpose”for Christian Mingle is to persuade that two people can be united through confidenceand trust as a motive of creating something special.With Christian Mingle being such a large community and being as successful asit is,

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