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Operant conditioning is a learning process that involves in changing behaviour. There are two types of operant conditioning which are reinforcement and punishment. Reinforcement is the response that will increase behaviour of the client while punishment is the response that will decrease behaviour of the client. The reinforcement might be positive or negative. The example of negative reinforcement as demonstrated by Goldfarb R. (2006) is when the speech-language pathologist (SLP) response to the tantrums of the client and ignoring the client when he is pointing and saying something. The client will think that tantrums is the best way to direct the SLP’s attention to him and he will repeat this behaviour again in the future (Goldfarb R., 2006). There are many types of operant conditioning that can be conducted and the result depends on individual. There are operant conditioning for normal children that is also applicable for children with aphasia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Operant conditioning can be used to control the behaviour of the children. For an example, as mentioned by the Wolf…show more content…
This is because it involved reinforcement and punishment which is directly associated with behaviour. This means when we give good reinforcer to good behaviour, the children will tend to repeat the pleasant behaviour. However, when there is a punisher towards certain kind of behaviour, the children will tend to decrease the unpleasant behaviour. An example shown by Lineros J. V. and Hinojosa M. (2012), the instructor in a class shows positive vibe in the left side of the class by smiling and asked easier questions for the student to actively participate. Eventually, the instructor push student towards the left side of the class since most of them participate and give contribution in class (Lineros J. V. and Hinojosa M.,

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