Nagasaki Peace Day Essay

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Nagasaki, Japan As we leave China behind in our armchair travels we hop on over to Japan. Nagasaki sits on the northwest coast on the island of Kyushu. The city is set on a large natural harbor with buildings on the terraces of the surrounding hills. This city is remembered for a key moment that happened during WW II, when it suffered an Allied nuclear attack in August 1945. The Peace Park is located north of the hypocenter of the attack. The highlight here is the 10-ton bronze Nagasaki Peace Statue which was designed in 1955 by Kitamura Seibo. There is also the dove-shaped Fountain of Peace and the Peace Symbol Zone, a sculpture garden with contributions on the theme of peace from all around the world. Visitors can see how the nuclear attack destroyed the city and took the lives of so many through photos and artifacts at the Nagasaki…show more content…
Dr. Nagai was suffering from leukemia but managed to survive the atomic explosion however lost his wife. He then devoted his time to treat bomb victims until his death in 1951. In his final days, he continued to write prolifically and kept securing donations for survivors and orphans, thereby earning the nickname “Saint of Nagasaki”. You can see videos in English. Koshi-byo shrine claims to be the only Confucian shrine built by and for Chinese outside of China. You can see statues of sages in the courtyard. Behind the shrine you’ll find the Historical Museum of China with displays of Chinese art, jade artifacts and Neolithic archaeological finds along with terracotta warriors and Qing-dynasty porcelain. In the gift shop there are Chinese trinkets. Visit the vibrant Chinese community Sinchi Chinatown. Visitors love to see it all, to enjoy the food and to shop for Chinese crafts and trinkets. Kofuku-ji temple dates back to the 1620s. It is noted for its Ming architecture of the main hall. This is also an Obaku Zen temple and the oldest in

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