Essay On Noise And Hearing

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Schraer, W., & Stoltze, H. (1993). Biology The Study of Life (5 ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. Noise and your hearing: Researchers found that 28 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, which is 10% of the population. The reason behind this high percent is due to the exposure to loud levels of noise; this shows how harmful noise is. Exposure to high intensity of noise can cause permanent hearing damage by causing strong vibration in the inner ear, which can lead to serious damage to the ear. Common types of noise that everyone exposure to in his daily life can cause serious damage to the ear, for example, construction sites, airports, or factories. However, people -especially workers in these places- can use noise protectors which can reduce the level of noise by 35 dB. Bronzaft, A. (n.d.). A Quieter School:An Entriched Learning Environment. Retrieved from Noise and the ability to learn: Today, more and more people are exposing to louder levels of noise. This is not only causing a hearing loss, it also can interfere with the ability to learn. For children, noise can limit their ability to learn and understand. In addition, noise in schools can interrupt with learning process, and distract students. For example, noise from elevated train near…show more content…
It can cause permanent hearing loss, however noise also can cause effects to the whole body. When people are exposed to high intensity of noise -95 to 110 dB- blood vessels constrict, heart rate changes, the pupils of the eyes dilate, and more energy required to do the same work. In addition, continuous exposure to high intensity of noise induces stress, which can cause high blood pressure and muscle tension. When people exposed to noise, it is disturbing at first, however after a while they stop noticing it and it becomes part of the background. However, even when we are no longer noticing this noise, the physical effects continue to
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