The Holy Quran Design And Decoration Analysis

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College of Art and Design University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan The holy Quran (Al-Kitab) Design and Decoration Submitted to: Dr. Kanwal Khalid By Syed Hammad Hassan MFA-Graphic Design Date: 06 March, 2015 ABSTRACT The art of “The holy Quran Design & Decoration” has a specific place in the arts that have been associated to the Muslims. Islam as a religion explained through ‘The Book; Quran’, precisely known as (Al-Kitab), emphasized the verbal and conceptual understanding of the written sermons and scriptures. The art of “The holy Quran Design & Decoration”, became a genre based on the non-figural and beautified tradition of the Muslim aesthetics, especially…show more content…
The principle was carried enriched for closer inspection. The principle was carried out with the greatest refinement, and the harmony and beauty of all ornamentation is derived from its observance. The highest difference was thereby obtained; the detail never interfering with the general form. Seen at a distance, the main lines strike the eye; on nearer approach, the ornamentation comes into the composition; and minute inspection reveals the detail on the surface of the ornaments themselves. Every region has its own design esthetics and formulas. Greco-Roman art has its own formulas of ordinance and propositions; Chino-Japanese art has its characteristic copies; and Syro-Arabian art its abstract and geometrical diagrams. The general elements of Arabian art, as applied to architecture and the holy Quran (Al-Kitab) decoration consist of stalactites, intertwining, and ornaments. Stalactites which are at the same time ornaments and members of architecture are engaged in corbelling, in coving and pendentives (a curved triangle of vaulting formed by the intersection of a dome with its supporting arches), cut in wood and placed side by side or opened into hollows by superficial casing in wire. The intertwining which embellish the surfaces are carved and trimmed in split-boards or carpentry or laid in compartments or carved in open work or engraved in stone, wood and metal; or set in filigree, vignettes or mosaics and incorporated specially in architecture and the holy Quran (Al-Kitab)

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