Emili Fainting In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Italian

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It was common for characters, especially in gothic novels, to faint before giving an important reply that would answer the mystery behind the entire story. Although this is true in this case, Vincent did not suddenly die, but fainted at first and returned to his senses, but not enough to be able to speak. Inside of the southern wing of the Castle of Mazzini, strange instances and sounds continue to happen throughout the novel. Since the bedroom of Julia and Emilia are next to this part of the castle, they continue to hear these sounds, causing Emilia to faint from being continuously terrified: The noise lasted only for a moment, and a profound silence soon ensued. Their feelings at length relaxed, and suffered them to move to Emilia's apartment, when again they heard the same sounds. Almost distracted with fear, they rushed into madame’s apartment, where Emilia sunk upon the bed and fainted. (Radcliffe 35) The action of…show more content…
As it is previously mentioned early on in the story, Julia and Emilia’s mother, Louisa Bernini, has died, causing their father to marry Maria de Vellorno. With the thought of the girls throughout the entire novel that their mother has died, they are in despair, until the ending comes near. Finally, Julia finds the figure that has been seen walking the southern wing of the castle, and identified what the strange noises were that everyone was hearing, her mother. Seeing her daughter and speaking to her for the first time, in an extremely long time, she faints: “She seemed as if about to speak, when fixing her eyes earnestly and steadily upon Julia, she stood for a moment in eager gaze, and suddenly exclaiming, 'My daughter!' fainted away” (Radcliffe 174). This is a very emotional part of the story, as readers can imagine that their response would have been very similar in a situation as this one. Once again, these fainting instances are viewed to be quite

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