Multiple Migration Theory In California

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Since we don't actually know how Indian tribes, over 500 to 600 of them, got to California there have been three theories made. The most well- known, the Bering Strait theory, informed us that the tribes might have descended from northern Asia and migrated, crossing over a land bridge, from Siberia to Alaska. Another theory is the Multiple Migration theory, which told us that the Indians migrated from many places in different ways to arrive in California. In addition to these two theories there is the Indigenous Origin theory, which apprised us that the Indians had been to California since the first day of light when sky people fell to earth, as their ancestors came from a world below through a vertical tunnel. One of these tribes, the Yana…show more content…
During the winter their pit houses, three feet underground, were made of frames of poles, reed, bark, and turf covering a flat roof, containing an opening in the roof to let smoke from the central fire pit escape, and to let light and air in. On the other hand, the Southern Yana groups lived in cedar bark teepee, above ground, small, pointed, cone-shaped, and Cedar bark covered shelters that were only for one family. All the Yana groups, northern, southern, central, and Yahi Yana tribes, lived in permanent homes, but during hunting times they would stay in caves or temporary brush shelters. In the Yana territory there were tribelets, groups of villages, and the largest village would have an assembly house where everyone would gather for a special…show more content…
During the summer, women would wear blouses and front-back aprons, made of shredded willow bark, while wealthy women wore braids of women’s hair and aprons, decorated with deerskin tassels and pine nut beads. However, during the winter seasons they would wear fur robes. On the other hand, men would be naked during the summer, but, in the winter they wore warm fur robes, shirts, aprons, and mitts. As for the rich men, they would also wear buckskin leggings. In spite of the differences in clothing, both men and women wore moccasins, but the men would only wear them while hunting or travelling. The Yana tribe was a group of hunter gatherers and fishermen. Acorns, the Yana tribe’s main diet, were found in substantial amounts in California black, white and tan oak trees. During the fall the men would shake the acorns to the ground and the women would gather and prepare them. There were a series of steps to prepare the acorns. First, they would have to remove the taste of bitter tannic acid by leaving it in water until it turned black. After that, they would be roasted, eaten whole, or grounded to make acorn meal and bread. In addition to acorns, there are other types of foods that were required.

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