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Muscular Strength Muscular strength is important component of physical fitness. A minimal level of muscular strength is needed to perform daily activities , especially as one ages, and to participate in recreational or occupational activities without undue risk of injury . Strength may be expressed either as absolute strength or as relative strength. Absolute strength is simply the raw strength score a person achieves. Relative strength is usually expressed relative to body weight. 1-Repetition Maximum Bench Press A 1-repetition maximum(1RM) bench press test may be used to measure upper body strength. Because free weight are used , this rest requires skills on the part of the client being tested. Equipment • Adjustable barbell…show more content…
This is a test of absolute muscular endurance, that is , the resistance is the same for all members of a given gender. Equipment • Adjustable barbell and weight plates. •…show more content…
• Set the resistance at 80 pounds (36.3 kilograms) for male clients. 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms) for female clients. • Set the metronome cadence at 60 beats/min to establish a rate of 30 repetitions per minute. • Have the client, beginning with the arms extended and a shoulder width grip, lower the weight to the chest. Then, without pausing , the client should raise the bar to full arm’s length. The movement should be smooth and controlled, with the bar reaching its highest lowest positions with each beat of the metronome. • Terminate the test when the client can no loner lift the barbell in cadence with the metronome. • Compare the client’s score to values in tables. Partial Curl-Up Test The partial curl-up test measures the muscular endurance of the abdominal muscles. It is often favored over the sit-up test because it eliminates the use of the hip flexor muscles. Equipment • Metronome • Ruler • Masking tape • Mat

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