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Overall, the objective is to support immigrant children to master the school subjects better, and achieve the educational goals of the curriculum. 2.8.4 Mother-tongue Instruction ( MAI ) According to the Finnish Constitution, everyone living in Finland has the right to maintain and develop their own language and culture. In this regard the main objective of mother tongue teaching is to build a strong cultural identity and establishing a unique self-esteem for immigrant children. According to Guvercin (2011), mother tongue has a very powerful impact in the formation of individuals, shaping their thoughts, emotions and identity. Learning mother tongue and appreciation their own cultural background makes it easier for children to learn to appreciate other cultures. It also provides the basis for learning other languages and thinking about languages. It provides the ability to identify and describe characteristics, structures and features of other languages and it…show more content…
As a signatory to the Salamanca conference held in Spain in 1994, which aims at ensuring that all children of school going age are provided with the needed opportunities to attend school without any degree of exclusion, Finland has instituted various measures as a way of complying with the policy document from this conference as well as those of the United Nations on education as a right for all children. Immigrant children in Finland therefore become opportune to enjoy various forms of supports from the Finnish policies on education as a way of better fostering their integration in to their new society and culture while maintaining their respective languages and cultural orientations. To achieve the effective integration of immigrants and as mentioned above, Finland provides the services of VALMO, OMO, MAI and also the S2 to pave way for a swift integration into the Finnish society for

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