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Yorkshire named top twang as Brummie Brogue In the article “Yorkshire named top twang as Brummie Brogue comes bottom” by David Batty, it talks about two dialects that were found in Britain, the Yorkshire and the Birmingham accents. Throughout this article David highlighted how people would judge a person by their accent to tell how intelligent a person is “The study into dialect and perceived intelligence found that people who said nothing at all were regarded as more intelligent than those with a Brummie accent” “The Yorkshire accent is rated as the most intelligent-sounding”, these two quotes show how people used to perceive a person’s intelligence by their dialects and accents. The article shows that a research was made to look at photos of female models while listening to recordings of women with different accents describing their lives. "The average intelligence ratings given by the study participants, out of 10, were: Yorkshire: 6.71; RP: 6.67; silence: 5.99; and Birmingham: 5.6." The main reason why they preformed this…show more content…
Dr Lance Workman, the leader of this research said “a lot of people associate Birmingham with criminal activity, and they associate criminal activity with low intelligence.” I believe that this article has a connection to Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” due to the fact that her mother was not accepted by the society due to her “Broken” English, and she was considered less educated or less intelligent, and in this article it shows how Birmingham’s accent is some what not accepted in their community because “they

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