Essay On Morality And Ethics

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Morality is our own way of distinguishing what is right from what is wrong. It is our own understanding of what good and evil is. And, our acts are all based on our understanding of morality. We do and do not do things according to what believe is right and wrong. It is the basis of our actions and all ideas and beliefs regarding it. In short, it is the decision on how we do things that gives great impacts on us. Morality and ethics have no great difference because it is just one. Morality is pertaining to the foundation of ethics. Ethics are the basis or universal rules of what is good and bad while morality is the application of either doing good or doing bad. Ethics is like the main idea within a given topic and morality serves as its supports and applications. As humans, our capacity to decide and act are limited that is why, an objective moral basis is needed. We must have that one accurate basis of everything. We should be knowledgeable of something that is common to all. We must have knowledge about things which everyone would accept and understand. This is not for depending upon what others may think, but to further elaborate our knowledge on how we…show more content…
No matter what choice you make, our minds will always raise different sides and points about good and bad. We act morally or ethically whenever we let good overcome evil. By the time we open our eyes and decide to continue to live life without hesitations of what struggles to face, we already choose to act morally. Our will to do things right is already a moral act since you choose not to waste time and life for nothing. Morality will always be present. It is natural to us, especially if our knowledge about morality is given much of importance. It varies on the ways you interpret and act on things. Despite of the decision made, you cannot erase the fact that in everything you do, your act is influenced by your own understanding of

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