Political Revolution In The Philippines Essay

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“Political Revolution: Is it Possible?” An immediate glimpse on the broadcast in televisions and headlines of the newspaper featuring reports about the current situation of the Philippines will indicate the distressing reality of our present time. Boosting poverty in the majority of the Filipinos, shameless corruption of public officials and atrocities being committed by different people are proofs of the weakening vision of future that awaits the country. With intense fury and melancholy, we often contemplate questions of why is there no clear progress in our society despite the advancement of technology in various aspects. Weoften say that youth is the hope of the future and the catalyst of change- indeed but we cannot wait for these children to grow up to salvage the nation from doom. Political system in the Philippines, as what I have observed, is probably one of the most corrupt and helpless administration in the world. The country has turned into a relentless source of…show more content…
Did the city of Makati really save millions of pesos for the construction of this controversial building? How much money did the city government actually spent?The disputed infrastructures and discrepancies on prices of materials oppose the idea of the said P2.8 billion worth building. When asked, Binay said that the allegations were just politically motivated and promised to clear his name upon series of investigations. This case just confirms that some politicians in the Philippines are fraudulent. Time, effort and money couldhave been better spent on dealing with the improvement of education and development of road infrastructure in the country.When will the spread of corruption halt? Is there a hope for change? These puzzling questions are yet to be answered. Nevertheless, social justiceonly seems to be an elusive

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