Shear Wall Literature Review

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CHAPTER-2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 GENERAL In general literature survey is carried for bare frame and shear wall. Dynamic response of the shear wall for the various positions and various parameters can be studied. these are the literature of various papers are studied. 1. P.P. chandurkar, Dr. P.S. Pajgade.(2013) In this paper we can study that the seismic design of buildings, RC structural shear walls act as a major earthquake resisting members. The properties of these types of shear walls are dominate the response of buildings, therefore it is important to evaluate seismic response of walls. In present study to determine the solution for shear wall location in multistory of buildings. The effectiveness of shear walls can be studied with the…show more content…
Vikas Govalkar, P.J. Salunke, N.G. Gore.(2014) In this paper he analyzed that the shear wall is the most commonly used as the lateral load resisting high rise of building. The scope of present work was study, investigate the effectiveness of RC shear wall in medium rise building. Shear wall has high plane stiffness and strength which simultaneously resist the large horizontal load and support gravity load. The effectiveness of shear wall has been studied with the help of eight different models. Four models are bare frame structural system and the other four models are in filled frame structural system with different position of shear wall. From this above results we can concluded that the shear wall frame interactive systems are very effective in receiving of lateral forces induced by the earthquakes. There infilled frame type of structural systems become economical as were compared to the bare frame structural system. For the residential type of buildings shear wall can be used as the vertical load rei carrying element. The axial force of the bare frame is maximum than the infilled frame. When shear wall is provided at corner side the structure gives better results than all…show more content…
Ehsan Salini Firoozahad, Dr. K Rama Mohan Rao, Bahador Bagheri(2014) In this paper we studied that the man focus is to determine the effect of shear wall against the seismic performance of building. The top storey displacement have been obtained and it is compared to each other of all the models to meet the effect of the shear wall configuration on the performance of the building. Time history analysis has been done to building with different number of stories and various configuration with same plan. The analysis and design can be studied using the IS codes. From this above study we can concluded that the dynamic response of building with various shear wall configuration and their influence in the seismic behavior of building. Different position of shear wall can reduce the top storey drift at least twice. Which means the drift of buildings is reduced 100 percent from higher to lowest one. 7. Pareesh Nimoidiya M and Ashdik S Parasiya (2013) In this thesis we can study all kinds of the structural systems which are used in building structures with the transfer of gravity loads effectively. Therefore it very important to structure have sufficient strength against the vertical loads. However increases in the stiffness may attract larger inertia due to earth quake. In this paper we can comparative study of RC brace frame structure with conventional lateral load resisting frame has been carried out with different type of bracing, various parameters of

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