King Kong Film Analysis

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The start of model animation Willis O’Brien Willis O’Brien is one of the first people to use stop motion in film, he is best known for his movies The Lost World in 1925, King Kong in 1933 and Mighty Joe Young in 1949. (Spess, 2014) How O’Brien first got the notion for stop motion, was by staging a boxing match with a co-worker using small clay characters. This was a influencing factor when O’Brien was making King Kong. O’Brien was known for his attention to detail. For his film King Kong he frequently visited zoo’s and boxing matches to get references on body movement. (Spess, 2014) O’Brien also used the, then, ground breaking process of using a cellulose-acetate screening for rear projection. He also began using a blue screen behind live…show more content…
(, n.d.) Peter Lord and David Sproxton are the founders of Aardman Animations which started out in 1976. Their first animation show was a children’s show called Morph. (, n.d.) Peter and David met Nick Park at the National Film and Television School when he was working on his student film, which Wallace and grommet’s, A Grand Day Out. He became a vital member of the Aardman team in 1985. (, n.d.) (Wallace and Gromit, 1989) Laika Laika is an American animation company in Oregon that does stop-motion animation, that open in 2005. They are best known for making their model with the process of 3D printing. Their most well-known animations are Coraline 2009, ParaNorman in 2012. The Boxtrolls in 2014, and Kubo and the Two Strings in 2016. (,…show more content…
Which combined animated model with live screen action. (Sisters, 2013) The method of model making grew with the invention of plasticine modelling clay. Aardman studios were one of the first to use this the material in the children’s show Morph. The benefit of this was that they could use pure clay no armature it was very flexible very versatile. (, n.d.) To make their show they used a normal 16mm camera but with a special electronical animation motor attached to the camera’s side this give a long exposure time of one tenth of a second. This was done so the lighting of the setting could be kept low, as if they had too much light, the heat from the lights would make the clay to soft and it would melt. (, n.d.) For sixteen seconds for film there was four hundred shots taken and this took about two hours to do. One five minute episode of morph took 15 days to film with just on animator doing all the work. (, n.d.) The latest method in model making was introduced by Laika, an American based

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