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MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE AS A CAREER Introduction to medical lab science I s a study of field that conducts research in a laboratory setting using living organism for experiments. It is a Pathological based health care profession who perform tests to diagnose diseases using body fluid such as blood, sputum, urine etc. What kind of job is done by medical scientists? A qualified Medical Laboratory Scientist plays an important role in providing vital information about patient’s health. They work in a laboratory with lab equipment, preparing and analyzing slide and specimens of human blood, tissues and or other cells. These specimens they receive them from the doctor or nurse and analyses them using techniques that are available such as manual white blood cells counts, analyses via microscopy and bone marrow count. Their input is very significant in the diagnoses, monitoring and treatment of a disease. They identify abnormalities in a sample such as bacteria and genetically abnormalities. Their test must always be accurate because their results must be reported to pathologist and other doctors, in other words these results have huge influence to the treatment that a patient will receive. They are involved in developing new diagnostic procedures and conducting biomedical research. They uncover diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and diabetes. The different disciplines with a brief explanation of each one. Immunology…show more content…
Immunologist assists doctors and scientist to identify the cause of disturbance and help to diagnose and prevent the disease. They can work with chemists, biotechnologists, genetics, genetic engineers, pathologist, environmentalists, civil engineers, and geologist. They also use computers, laboratory when they conduct an

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