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John Dalton was born in September 6, 1766 in Cumberland, England. John Dalton's family was poor he was also very blessed to be a Quaker, other child/boy were able to get little or no education. Dalton seen it as a privilege going to school since not many people were educated nor could they read. John Dalton went to the Quaker school at Pardshow Hall. Dalton was great when it came to studying and in mathematical problems. Elihu Robinson a rich Quaker gentleman. Who had become Dalton's mentor, he was one of many to help guide Dalton to mathematics, science, and specially meteorology. When Dalton was twelve he opened his school in Eagles field. Eventually because of the poor salary Dalton had no choice but to return and work for his rich uncle. In 1785 Dalton and his brother opened another school this time at Kendall. Even though there were sixty students attending John Dalton was very…show more content…
Dalton's law applies only to ideal gases. But it might hold closely enough for real gases. For example, Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, H2O, etc. Each of these gases has its own partial pressure and total up to the atmospheric pressure at that location. The partial pressure of water in this mixture can be translated into the humidity of the air. John had later met a man by the name of Gough he was wealthy, blind and also known as Daltons mentor at the time, Gough taught Dalton how to do many things such as languages, optics and mathematics. At this point a number of questions may come to mind such as how was a blind man able to do this back in those times? Or what could someone with eye sight learn from someone who is blind? All of these questions have already accrued to me as well but despite John Gough being blind he was a brilliant

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