Short Biography: Agustin Caralde Fabian's Revolution

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Agustin Caralde Fabian was born on 15th day of August, 1901 at Plaridel, Bulacan. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management is the course he took up at the University of Illinois in United States. He served as a colonel of guerrillas in the Bulacan area during World War II where he fought against the Japanese. That explains why he clearly described the situation and the scenes at war in one of his novels. In his contemporary, he is “A.C.” and staffs label him as “Tangkad” (Tall) for he has the height like one’s basketball player. But not only his height is what can caught your attention, he has the authority in his voice and being discipline in performing his obligations as being the chief who is the early one to come in the fieldwork. When talking to him face to face, they call him Sir. His co-writer often call him “Ba Maltin” which is he used as his pen name in “Biru-biro Kung…show more content…
He let his plantation in California, Washington and Oregon, and salmonan in Alaska be rented, he also put a sweat in the railroad of Nevada and became a waiter in one of the hospitals in Chicago for he will able to pay for his tuition fees, books and for their laboratories. When he graduated, he joined the American army and became one of the Medical Corps. Later, he went to the Philippines and fulfilled his promises for his own country together with Alice and their friends. I expected that from the start, the story will take place at the Philippines since the main character is a Filipino, but it happened to be in America where he met his lifetime partner (Alice) and his best friend (Bill) that helped him to serve and offer free services to poor people with Alfredo. I can conclude that the story happens in early year of 90s for the scene that Andres engaged in war. Our generation now is not engaged in wars that the objective is to conquer the country and needed large amount of soldiers and

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